Summer of transformation

Blog for December…. well it is the last day, it is now New Year’s Eve. The year 2012 has been an amazingly productive, fast flying, demanding call into being in full presence NOW kind of year. A year of endings and new beginnings; of highlighting and ending unhealthy patterns and claiming new ways of being that reflect our higher selves.

Outside the kookaburras still call their laughter to the sky and monarch butterflies colour the air with their orange fluttering. It is summer here in South Australia. The season of celebration and sacredness and holiday has us in its thrall as we dash from event to event before relaxing into blessed rest.

The Mayan Calendar has ended but we go on. The sky is still blue, the earth beneath our feet is firm and true, Nature responds to our attention still with her loving embrace. Life, most wondrous, goes on.



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