Accessing the photographs, a visual preview

Dawn Redwood and Briar Rose, pg. 17, Touching Nature’s Heart.


For those who wish to see inside my book online, and get an idea of the beautiful layout and my photography; book site is the best for this at the moment. Click on “surprise me” in the left hand column, or enter a key word such as Glastonbury or Findhorn and you will be able to scroll through pages which give a real idea of the visual beauty of Touching Nature’s Heart. Unfortunately Google preview has gone missing from my web page and from the Balboa site. It is returning but is taking a long break it seems. I would love you all to see the wonderful visual interior, so look up Amazon and then come back to me! Thanks everyone.

Wow it’s the end of November and the world is a very busy place to be. So many energies are shifting and challenging us to live our spiritual truths in our physical lives, and what better way to be guided and supported through these times than to be with the energies of Nature. Nature guides us to the spaces within that heal us, take us to our integrity and restore us to balance. Sink into the rest and restoration that is Nature’s deep embrace, whether it be to walk barefoot in soft green grasses or on damp sand, be graced by the sea’s frothy wash, or watch the clouds and feel the breeze. This is time to pay attention, take time, and be aware of our living.

Christmas approaches and is an ideal time for a gift that gives at a deep level. The beauty, peace giving and inspirational qualities of Touching Nature’s Heart make it “a special gift of upliftment for someone you love” (as reviewed by Leo Drioli), and a gift to cherish. I hope you enjoy Touching Nature’s Heart, I hope she spreads her wings and flies to the hearts of many in this season of hope, wonder and joy.

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