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I have received some wonderful feedback about my book, Touching Nature’s Heart

Margaret in her garden.

Margaret in her garden with Touching Nature's Heart.

which I will repeat here for my blog readers. Leo Drioli editor of InnerSelf Newspaper, wrote in the July/September 2012 Adelaide issue:

“This beautifully written book lifts the reader into the heart of Spirit through the gentle embrace of the natural world. Through Margaret Wilson’s blend of poetic insight, heart-felt personal encounters and magical photography, this book is a prayer of gratitude for all that our Creator has gifted us and would make a special gift of upliftment for someone you love.

“Go to nature as a child to its mother. Be enfolded in her embrace. Drift in her loving life force and return healed to yourself.” ”    Leo Drioli InnerSelf


And from The Weekender Herald dated 27th July 2012, John Ovenden wrote:

“Touching Nature’s Heart is an inspirational 94 page tome, plus thoughtful photographs, that gently invites you to compare your own experiences with nature alongside the author.

Margaret has chosen her words carefully, following in the footsteps of her mother, well known Hills author Carol Brockhoff, who wrote many books…. Here, Margaret, like her mother, digs deep to reveal her lifetime’s thoughts in a beautifully styled, rhythmic piece of writing that you will want to read again and again.”

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