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I hope you have enjoyed the previews of my book and would appreciate the pleasure of holding your own copy in your hands. It is indeed a beautiful book and a joy to return to again and again.

Moments of reflection and insight and delight in Nature, inspire us and enrich our lives, and carry us on with a calm, steady heart.  It is my hope that you will perceive Touching Nature’s Heart as a gift of love to yourself or to another for whom you care.

If you live in Australia you can give your order extra value by buying this book directly from the Author…(me). Touching Nature’s Heart can be delivered by Australia Post to you by ordering via my email:

Or if you like you can order it for a friend and I can send it direct to them, gift wrapped.

For information regarding cost, and to leave your details, please begin an email conversation with me. I would be thrilled to hear from you.

Thank you for your presence on my website,


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