Cheering my readers’ hearts

A reader told me last week that she keeps my book beside her bed and reading it before sleep takes her to a place of peace. She needs that right now because her beloved family pet dog has just died, whilst she is in the midst of the stressful, hectic swirl of opening a new business.

Yesterday another reader let me know that he found my book “…a delight”, and that whenever he feels blue he reads my book and it never fails to cheer him.

Those are the responses I cherish, because the purpose of my writing is just that; to uplift hearts and restore peace of mind in moments of sadness or need and to bring joy through remembering the healing beauty of our natural world around us.

As Lolo Houbein said, when she spoke and quoted from my book, at the launch of Touching Nature’s Heart:

” “Sometimes life is just too hard”, she writes when recovering from injury. “The challenge is not to stay in the bedroom”, but lose the self in beauty, in the view from the window, music, art, and a walk through a vegetable plot to regain vitality. “To heal,” she writes, “I contact the earth, tree trunks, leaves, flowers, my garden…”.  These are the first steps to renewal.

Touching Nature’s Heart is a collection of such life experiences we can all identify with, informed by nature’s power to inspire, heal, and re-energise us and all that inhabits our only habitat, our Planet.”

Gums in the garden.

Gums in Margaret Wilson's Adelaide Hills garden; image from Touching Nature's Heart.

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