Launching Touching Nature’s Heart

Margaret reading from Touching Nature's Heart

I felt so blessed to be the recipient of a generous and gracious review of my book by Lolo Houbein, given as she launched Touching Nature’s Heart into the world.

Author Lolo Houbein launches Touching Nature's Heart

My book launch on Thursday evening in the Stirling Library was a tremendous success. Hauntingly lovely flute playing by Angela Harnett, warm introductions from Myrana Walqvist and then Lolo speaking so beautifully; displaying her talent with language, and demonstrating such depth of understanding in her critique of my work. She really GOT my book! But Lolo GETS a lot of things about Nature and living on this planet.

Check out her  influential book, One Magic Square: Grow Your Own Food On One Square Metre and its thoroughly researched, recently published and authoritative companion title, Outside The Magic Square.

“This is truly a book for sore eyes.   A sunlit cover featuring a white dove flying a double loop, invites us in and we are not disappointed.   For Margaret Wilson is an artist with the eye of a mystic and her beautiful photographs tell as many stories as does her prose.  The photographs also capture the unexpected  – like the five deep pink roses on a *trellis  that formed a perfect heart. And the touching fragility of small things we pass by, as well as the mystique of great peaks and deep lakes.”

Lolo Houbein, Book launch 9th August 2012.

*author note:  They actually all grew from one stem!

I’ll tell you more from her talk another time…

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