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I have been blessed with a dazzling review. I share it with you here.
“Move over Annie Dillard, Sharon Butala and Gretel Ehrlich! Make way for the delicate sensibilities of Australian Margaret Wilson’s “Touching Nature’s Heart”! This is a book I have been thirsting for: Nature experienced and held in the warm heart of an intuitive healer who knows Her so deeply and appreciates Her tiniest qualities. Margaret Wilson writes simply and compassionately. Her photos are compelling and evocative. And the design of the book honours both Nature and the author’s gifts as a writer and artist. The stories are simple; they combine to reveal one powerful message: in case we might have forgotten, Nature is the great healer. This is a book to love, to share with love and to keep, as it is clear that it has been created with love.”
Wendy Sarkissian PhD, author of Kitchen Table Sustainability.
Wendy Sarkissian

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