Spring in the southern hemisphere

It has been such a rapid flowering into spring this year, such a breathtaking leap into leaf and flower and blossom in the garden. Along with the rapid movement of sap and leaf unfolding, I find my time has rapidly sped by and it is almost the end of the month without a blog from me. I have been immersed in the season of the spring wedding; helping a friend to create her wedding event. It has been a busy but most beautifully rewarding time.

My book, Touching Nature’s Heart has been traveling further into the hands of others and being received with delight and gratitude. How lovely it is to answer the phone to happy tears from someone moved enough to ring me to say how moved they were, how they were “with me” reading, as though it was their experience.

This book was written as a gift of love and healing, reflecting back my moments of healing and inspiration and making them accessible for others to share. I hope you too have enjoyed the images and words I have offered and feel moved to give this book on…a gift of love to share.

Back in August I attended the Hay House conference event, “I Can Do It”, in Melbourne. Balboa Press is a division of Hay House and  Touching Nature’s Heart was on display in the foyer. It was at the previous year’s conference that I picked up the information about self publishing with Balboa, so it was a delight to see my book on display with other Australian authors at the very next Hay House conference in Melbourne.

The Director of Balboa Press Sandy Powell was manning the display and told me how she had carried the copy of my book in her suitcase all the way from America to ensure I would make it onto the display. Thank you Sandy!


A little more from environmentalist, writer, food security and indeed Nature’s advocate Lolo Houbein who graciously launched Touching Nature’s Heart:

“There is a paragraph in the book that stopped me. She wrote: “I wondered what it would be like to live a life of meditation, inspired by clarity and grace.” (p. 13) Having collected her thoughts and images in this lovely book, I believe she could stop wondering. Touching Nature’s Heart is Margaret Wilson’s first book and I hope not her last.

I recommend it to you with all my heart.”


Cherry Blossom "Touching Nature's Heart" pg. 75

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